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The essence of the invention is foldable fish trap which has a frame made of multiple movable arms.  Over the frame, the net (professional fishing net) is stretched, with opening on the side for fish entrance.  The foldable fish trap is an invention that resolves the problem of space that conventional fish traps usually take up.  Her ability to fold up does not affect her functionality or her purpose.  The possibilities gained with this innovation are multiple.  With different movable arms distribution, these arms are the constructive part; one can get many different sizes and shapes of the trap.  The entrance, which is very important for keeping the fish within the trap, is knitted with inox wires.  These wires are not in the way while one is handling the trap (folding up and putting away), and they always stand in their place equally placed without any extra work.  Depending on season, which fish or shellfish is being caught the entrance can easily be expended or narrowed, because different types of fish prefer different size (width) of the opening.
The foldable fish trap, with the same dimensions just as the conventional one, takes up 20 times less space and it is ideal solution for any type of fishing with traps.  Gravity center of the trap, gained with such construction and distribution of the weight, allows the trap to fall equally and to land on the bottom always on the predicted side.
One cubical meter holds up to 100 foldable fish traps with the standard dimensions.


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